December 31, 2021

Beginners guide to play real money slots on mobile

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Ever played real-money slots on mobile? As entertaining as they come, these games can leave you doubting your playing skills. Online slots are considered mainly luck-based games, which is true to some extent. But with a few considerations, you can significantly reduce the losing sessions and start winning more often. 

Beginners guide to play real money slots on mobile

So, this article isn’t about winning at slot machines per se. Rather, you’ll learn to play like a seasoned pro at the best mobile casinos. But remember, no slot machine technique guarantees an automatic win.

Benefits of playing real-money slots on mobile

Before diving into details, it’s vital to discuss why some gamblers prefer playing mobile slots for real-money play over free play. The answer is very simple; real wins! The fact that you’re staking real money means that you can win real money in return. This adds new twists of excitement and uncertainty into the gameplay. 

Another reason to consider real money slots is the chance to win a jackpot. It’s not a fluke that slot machine players have registered the most significant online gambling wins. Microgaming’s Mega Moolah is a good case study, where a lucky player won in excess of €18 million in 2018. And yes, the player in question only placed a $0.75 bet.

It’s also a known fact real-money mobile slots give players bonuses and free spins to boost their winning chances. A slot machine for real money will often unlock bonus spins and respins after landing a specific number/type of symbols. Also, mobile casino welcome bonuses are tied to slot machines. So, play slots if you want to enjoy lots of freebies.

How to win at real-money mobile slots

Now that you have all the reasons to play mobile slots, it’s time to furnish you with the tips to keep winning. But as said before, there is no real strategy that guarantees success.

Slot machine RTP and variance

These are two critical boxes that a slot machine must tick to get the green light. First, a slot machine must offer anything above 96% RTP to consider playing it. Except for jackpots, of course. The RTP is the return amount gamers can win in the long run. For example, a 96% rate means that you can win a maximum of $96 for every $100 bet. So, the lower the RTP, the bigger the losses.

Secondly, check the slot variance or volatility and compare it with your style of play. If a slot machine is too volatile, it means wins are bigger but rare. On the other hand, low volatility slots give small but frequent wins. Put simply, the size of your bankroll and playing style should determine the game you play.

5G network

Now this one is all you. To enjoy the ultimate mobile slot experience, players must get a suitable device and internet connection. Slot machine gameplay can be a resource hog. Therefore, make sure your internet is fast, stable, and reliable. Although a private Wi-Fi will do, 5G network will even perform better. 

But it’s not just about 5G. Your smartphone or tablet should have the necessary gaming specs. No, don’t break the bank to purchase a gaming smartphone or tablet. Instead, something ‘average’ should easily handle most gameplay activities. In the end, you’ll realize that mobile casino gameplay doesn’t freeze as most disgruntled players claim.

Ready to play?

Playing mobile slots for real money shouldn’t be intimidating. Once you know how to select the games, Lady Luck will begin favoring you more often than not.  Just remember to create a bankroll and play for fun. And above all, treat all slot machine wins at the best mobile casinos as a mere bonus. This way, losses won’t be that painful.

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