Finding the best smartphone for casino gaming in 2020



People with an interest in casino gaming have lots of entertainment to delve into online. The internet is a digital playground, with lots of online-based casinos to choose between. People don't even have to play on a computer. A smartphone is all it takes. What's the best one right now?

Finding the best smartphone for casino gaming in 2020

Android or iOS? That's the real question here. Currently, as of 2019, it is reported that Android sits at around 87% of the smartphone market, whereas iOS covers the remaining 13%. Whatever people prefer doesn't really matter in terms of playing casino games on the smartphone. Because the thing is, there's casino apps for both platforms.

Playing games on smartphones is popular

Back in the days, playing computer games involved playing on a console or a PC. Today, much of the gaming is done on the fly on all of our "pocket PCs", which pretty much is what a smartphone is. As such, it's not a surprise that casino is popular as well.

Playing casino games on a smartphone is super easy. All it takes is for people to register at their casino provider of choice. After that, people can either play on a computer or a smartphone. In order to play on the smartphone, said casino provider's app must be downloaded. It's easy, so don't sweat.

Playing casino on the next iPhone

It is expected that Apple will launch a new iPhone this coming fall. Most likely during the month of September, as has become almost tradition. So what's in store for the launch? Well, a new version with a faster processor, and likely also better graphics chip. Perfect for playing casino.

So is this the phone people should wait for? Or is the current iPhones on the market suitable as well? Most people would likely be satisfied with the current generation iPhones. They are more than adequate for launched casino gaming apps. But then again, if people are willing to wait, they will likely get a faster phone.

Upcoming Android phones for casino gaming

In terms of the Android market, new phones are coming up from brands such as Samsung, Huawei and OnePlus. The same applies here as in the case with the upcoming iPhones: The phones are expected to be faster, have better screen technology, and perhaps have better batteries.

The last bit, revolving around battery life, is actually pretty crucial here. Lots of smartphone and casino enthusiasts love playing games on the go. The smartphone's battery can run out pretty fast though, especially during gaming sessions. Here, upcoming smartphones with better batteries will present an advantage. So it might be worth waiting out for.

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