Playing Slot Machines on Your Mobile Phone



Previously, players had to drive or walk to a brick-and-mortar casino to play slot machines and other casino games. Even worse, there was only a handful of legal gambling rooms worldwide with such games. But thanks to mobile phones and computer technology, casino players can enjoy themselves pretty much everywhere. The tips below will surely come in handy if you’re planning to go mobile this year.

Playing Slot Machines on Your Mobile Phone

Popular Mobile Devices to Play Slot Games

When it comes to playing online video slots, it doesn’t matter the kind of mobile device you’re using. However, don’t expect to enjoy a smooth and immersive experience if you’re using a slow and old mobile phone. Fortunately, the latest smartphones are fast, affordable, and secure.

Below are the most popular mobile platforms that support video slots:

  • Android – This is the most popular mobile operating system currently. Not only is it simple to use, but Android also lets gamers download casino apps from Google Play Store or install an APK directly from the casino website. Google Play Store has thousands of free slot games to help gamers sharpen their playing skills.
  • iOS – Ask any online casino player in the US about the most popular mobile device, and the answer is simple - iPhone. Well, that’s partially true considering that iPhones offer a responsive touch screen and excellent graphic engine. Also, iOS has arguably the best mobile phone security. Not to mention you can directly download real-money casino apps from Apple iTunes.

How to Start Playing Online Slots on Your Mobile Device

Whether you’re using an Android, iOS, Blackberry, or Windows phone, apply these steps to get started:

Step 1.

Download and install the mobile casino app that you intend to use.

Step 2.

Create an account using your email or social media account.

Step 3.

Link a payment method and deposit a minimum amount. Go ahead and claim the welcome bonus if there’s any.

Step 4.

Start spinning the reels on your favorite slot game!

Instant Mobile Casinos Versus Mobile Apps

First of all, you can play real money slots on mobile using either a downloadable app or a website. But what’s the main difference? An instant mobile casino is one accessible via a web browser. Just enter the URL link and open the gambling site. On the other hand, mobile apps are downloaded and installed from iTunes, Google Play Store, or directly from the gambling site.

But here’s the thing; whereas mobile apps are simpler to launch, they take up storage space, unlike their online counterparts. Also, instant casinos are accessible via any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Fortunately, the best mobile gambling apps have instant options as well. You just need to find the right casino.

Benefits of Playing Slot Machines on Mobile

There are a thousand and one reasons why it’s best to play casino slot games on mobile over land-based and desktop casinos. Firstly, it takes less time to launch a mobile app and start playing. Just grab your phone, open the casino, and start enjoying. Secondly, mobile casinos offer the convenience of playing almost anywhere, anytime. Above all, the mobile billing payment method makes it super-easy to fund a casino account. Overall, mobile gambling is the future of iGaming.

The Takeaways

Bring the thrills of playing physical slot machines right at home or anywhere else with mobile casinos. But before you start playing, know that the house always wins. Therefore, carefully study the house edge and choose a video slot with the lowest percentage. Also, take advantage of the video slot bonuses. And most importantly, play in a safe and regulated mobile casino.

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