Statistics and Trends Observed Mobile Gaming



The popularity of mobile gambling has increased massively in the last decade, a fact that is evidenced by the increase in the number of online betting sites in the market. These sites offer diverse betting options, all aimed at attracting distinct groups of customers.

Statistics and Trends Observed Mobile Gaming

The popularity of mobile gambling is largely due to the increasing number of smartphone users. Betting companies are also doubling down on their efforts of advertising and influencing more people to start betting. The growing population of mobile bettors and increasing demand for IoT are also key drivers behind the growth of the market.

Types of Mobile Gambling

There are five basic sub-segments of mobile gambling, which include mobile casinos, sports betting, lottery, poker, and online bingo. Mobile casinos are quite popular. Mobile casinos are similar to traditional casinos in many ways, only that players use smartphones. Mobile play gives punters access to a wide range of games.

Examples of the games in mobile casinos include blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, among others. Mobile casinos offer payback percentages and odds which are higher when compared to those offered by land-based casinos. Some of them publish payout percentage audits on their site, especially those that claim their payback percentages for their slot machine games are higher.

Sports Betting

Sports betting entails having a player wager on the outcome of a sporting event. The player, therefore, has to predict the outcome of a match to win. The nature of sports gambling makes it quite suitable for mobile gaming. A player can gamble in a very exciting sports environment from anywhere and at any time.

Another popular form of betting that has a significant impact on mobile gambling is poker. It is played online using cards, just as land-based poker would be played. The participants compete among themselves or a dealer to determine the winner. The combination of cards that the players have is what determines the winner.

Regional Analysis

Pacific Asia and Europe lead the race when assessing the popularity of mobile gambling in terms of regional popularity. With Blueprint Gaming having acquired Games Warehouse, a renowned gaming company, punters are in for a real treat. The provider has its games available on mobile, online, and retail channels, allowing Blueprint to boost its operations.

With improved internet access and new technologies coming up, the Asian market is expected to have great potential within the next couple of years. As governments ease regulations, the growth of the market in that region is a hot prospect. Experts speculate that it is going to hold the highest share of the mobile gambling market.

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