July 6, 2022

Advantages of Android Casinos & iOS Gaming

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Choosing a device to play casino games can be deceptively easy. That’s because mobile and desktop gaming have varying advantages and disadvantages. For example, playing at iOS casinos and Android casinos exposes players to unmatched convenience and flexibility. But, on the other side, the bigger desktop screens are simply irresistible to most avid gamers. So, this article seeks to clear the confusion about the duel between mobile and PC gaming.

Advantages of Android Casinos & iOS Gaming

Flexibility and convenience –Mobile

One of the pros of playing at a mobile casino is convenience. The fact that you can play the best mobile casino games on the go is a significant plus. Usually, you’re just a screen tap away from playing your favorite slot machine in the traffic jam, bank queue, park, beach, you name them. Just connect mobile data and catch the fun.

But laptops also offer on-the-move gameplay. However, laptops can be a bit cumbersome to carry around. Can you imagine pulling out your computer to play casino games in the supermarket queue? Uncool, right? In addition to that, your laptop will last for an hour or two with the battery juice. 

Display and graphics – PC

Mobile technology has improved in terms of display and graphics. But honestly, even most high-end phones still can’t match gaming PCs in this sector. If you’re after big displays, then PC gaming on a laptop or desktop is the way forward. But note that tablets also offer huge panels, although they still can’t match ordinary computer monitors.

That’s not all. Mobile gaming is still stuck in 1080p resolution, whereas desktop gaming is already moving to 4K. If you add in PC’s powerful CPUs and graphic cards, computer gaming undoubtedly offers sharper images than mobile. 

Privacy and Security – Mobile

When choosing a gaming platform, privacy and security play a vital role. While desktops and laptops are no slouch in this sector, mobile systems still come top. Here’s the proof; mobile phone systems don’t come with pre-installed antivirus and malware programs like Windows Defender. You don’t even need one, as your phone will rarely be a victim of those attacks.

In addition, mobile phones come with advanced hardware security systems. For instance, some iOS and Android casinos use touch ID to verify account owners before logging into the account. This means players don’t necessarily need to rely on complex passwords to protect their gaming accounts. Overall, mobile wins by a country mile.

VR Gaming – Mobile

Here is another reason to play at the best mobile casinos. VR (Virtual Reality) is a relatively new gaming technology. This technology allows gamers to immerse themselves inside the gaming world and enjoy a realistic gaming experience. Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt by Evolution Gaming is a good example where gamers run alongside the skillful Spanish explorer. 

But mobile phones have an edge here. Mobile VR kits are way more pocket-friendly than PC kits. Not just that; mobile VR is more convenient to put on. But as said before, PCs can offer a smoother 4K experience, making these VR kits worth the money. 

Bonuses and promotions – It’s a tie!

When mobile technology was still in its baby steps, some bonuses and promotions were only available to desktop players. Simply say, players couldn’t access some bonuses and games using a mobile app or browser. Sad, huh?

But today, mobile phones are catching up with desktops in almost every aspect. Mobile casinos now offer everything that desktop casinos provide. And that’s whether on the HTML5 browser or a standalone app. What’s more, some casinos offer special bonuses for app downloads. 


Mobile gaming is the way to go if convenience and cost-effectiveness are your motivation. On the other side, gaming desktops offer incredible processing power and graphics. But mark you, premium smartphones like iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy S21 are more advanced than ‘average’ desktops. So, choose wisely!

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