October 1, 2020

History of Mobile Casino Gaming

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The inception of the internet revolutionized the entire casino and gambling industry. Virtual casinos were born and started rivaling their land counterparts. Online gambling has further metamorphized and adapted to new technologies and new ways of wagering. Internet betting continues to shift from computers to mobile platforms. Although online gambling has been present since the ‘90s, mobile gambling has only been present for slightly over a decade. Mobile casinos allow players to game whenever, whatever time they wish. The only requirement is a smartphone and stable internet connectivity. Learn about the history of mobile gaming and its evolution here.

History of Mobile Casino Gaming

The Birth of Mobile Gambling

The roots of mobile gaming can be traced to 2005 when a gaming developer designed mobile-based casino software. The innovation was synonymous with the global upsurge of smartphone usage at the said period. The initial system was compatible with several prominent games like bingo, poker, and slots. Within the same year, another software developer partnered with Spiral Solutions Ltd and entered the mobile gaming market. Together, they developed a software brand, dubbed Spin3. The brand became popular among smartphone casinos due to its adaptability to smaller screens. Most software companies that dealt with mobile gambling collaborated financial institutions to provide secure payment systems.

Technologic Enhancement

Early mobile gaming was only limited to a handful of casino games. Since gaming software development was at its infancy, the games on offer weren’t adaptable as they are today. However, the growth of mobile casinos has brought competition among software developers. With competition, these providers invest in the best technology to develop games. Such investments have resulted in the improvement of mobile gaming software. Modern mobile games now feature trendy themes, multiplayer options, live dealers, progressive jackpots, and other thrilling features. Live mobile casino games allow players to stream games in real-time and, in turn, avoids the use of random number generators, which are often plagued with suspicion.

Emerging and Future Trends

The global market trends foretell that smartphone sales are bound to rise while their prices will drop. Such a scenario translates to more individuals affording and owning a smartphone. Many gamblers will thus be able to register and enjoy casino games on their Android or iOS devices. Improved internet connectivity will also see more gamblers access their favorite casino games through their phones. More software developers are entering the gaming industry. This means more competition and innovation in developing mobile casino games. With increased accessibility, mobile casinos will be looking at progressive encryption systems to protect players’ information.

The Birth, History, and Evolution of Mobile Casino Gaming

The era of mobile gaming began in 2005 when the first mobile software was designed. Learn more about how mobile gaming has evolved and future trends.

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